July 19-22, 2018Sunset Park - Kimberly


Thursday   5:00p - 11:00p
Friday   5:30p - 1:00a
Saturday   10:00a - 1:00a
Sunday   11:00a - 7:30p

Spanning three days, Paperfest offers fun for all ages through games, sports, music and food

Join Us In Celebrating 30 Years!!

Paperfest is organized and ran by Kim-Com Promotions a 501c4 not-for-profit organization. The Paperfest planning committee is comprised of multiple subcommittees all working together to make sure this event runs smoothly. Started back in 1989, by Dr. James Boots and Dennis Smits, Paperfest was named after the booming paper mills that brought life to the Fox River Valley. Now that the Kimberly Mill has closed, this name is a reminder of the community history we came from and the future we share.

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Music & Entertainment - Sports (Per Each Event) - Food & Beverage - Partnerships

Marketing - Volunteer - Kids Games & Activities - Finance - Grounds Crew

Mission Statement

Paperfest is a fun, family-oriented festival that raises money for non-profit and civic organizations in the Fox Valley. Spanning three days, it offers fun for all ages through music, sports, games and food.

Paperfest strengthens our community by utilizing the expertise and generosity of both volunteers and partners.

Community Roots

Paperfest is rooted in the community! From the volunteers to the generous partners, the community comes together to have a great time, all while raising money for local non-profit organizations.

Over the past 29 years, we have raised $826,530 for more than 50 civic, community and service organizations. All proceeds are paid out as an hourly rate to the organizational groups the volunteers represent. This means the more the organization works, the more money they make.

Our goal is to provide a family fun festival as well as raise over $50,000 for the local non-profit organizations.