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Bubble Football Tournament - NEW!

Sunday, July 22nd 2018

Get your team together and join us in our first Bubble Football Tournament! All participants must be 18 years of age or older to play. With divisions for both males and females, everyone is guaranteed at least 2 games in this double elimination formatted tournament. Play starts Sunday at 2pm. Meet your friends for some great food, drinks, and live music!

Registration Team
4 Players
Only 1
Early Registration $40 $10
July 19-21st $60 $15
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How to Play

Each team must have at least 4 players to play. Each player will wear a giant bubble ball, one of which will be a solid color. The solid color suit will be considered the player carrying the "ball". OFFENSE: The goal is to get the player wearing the solid color suit into the end zone scoring a touchdown. The three dotted suit players will play as the offesnsive line, blocking for the solid suit player. DEFENSE: All 4 players will try to keep the solid color suit of the other team from scoring by bumping them to the ground or out of bounds. Each team will have 5 attacks and the team with the most touchdowns wins. In a tie situation, all 4 players will line up in front of each other and play "The Last Man Standing" and the winner will be deemed with winner. Bring your team and practice before you play, Friday and Saturday.

Tournament Rules Event Parking Map (Coming Soon)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a bubble ball?

It is a giant inflatable plastic ball with shoulder harnesses and handles inside, it covers the players upper body and head.

How long are the games?

In each game every team will attack 5 times and defend 5 times (10 total attacks)

What are the height, weight and age restrictions?

Height: Recommended height is above 5 feet.

Weight: Recommended weight of under 230lbs for the medium/large bubble balls.

Age: All participants must be 18+ years old.

What should I wear to play?

Active wear with all jewelry removed and pockets emptied. Cleats are not allowed, but knee pads and gloves are optional.

Contact Us

Bubble Football questions can be sent to sports@paperfest.com

All participates must sign and return our waiver before participating in any event. You may print and sign the above waiver and return via email or mail, or bring with you the day of the event.


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